The Russian Embassy to the Department of State


Information has reached the Russian Embassy in Washington that the Chinese Government has lately changed its attitude toward the Russian Legation in Pekin and has exposed certain intentions to restrict its rights. Such intentions on the part of China is [are] caused by the desire to free itself from obligations existing under treaties with Russia and to hinder the activities of the Russian Legation aiming to guard the Russian interests. The above information seems to be in accord with the statement which the Embassy had the honor to transmit to the Department of State in a letter of the Chargé d’Affaires dated March 21, 1919, with attached memorandum thereto, concerning certain acts on the part of the Chinese Government prejudicial to Russian interests.

The Russian Minister at Pekin has requested the Russian representatives in the Allied countries to solicit assistance from the respective Governments in protecting his authority.

Taking into consideration the great importance which would be attached by the Chinese Government to the opinion of the United States Government, it would be highly appreciated if the Department of State would find it possible to give the necessary instructions to the American Minister in Pekin so as to make a friendly presentation to the Chinese Government concerning this matter.