861.77/1548a: Telegram

The Acting Secretary of State to the Chargé in China (Tenney)

117. Department asked Russian Ambassador to acquaint it with the following texts:

Li-Lobanov agreement of May, 1896, regarding construction of Chinese Eastern Railroad.44
Supposed clause supplementary to agreement of July 3, 1916, between Japan and Russia, providing for transfer to Japan of that portion of Chinese Eastern Railroad lying between Changchun (Kwan Cheng Tzu) and Sungari River.

Bakhmeteff declares texts not available here but states he has requested Russian Minister at Peking to acquaint you therewith.

You may also request the Chinese authorities to acquaint you with the text of the first agreement. Telegraph a brief but full summary.

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Department feels that before deciding upon a request of the Russian Embassy that this Government undertake a further effort to maintain the status quo ante on this railroad it should be fully acquainted with all interests involved.

  1. Treaty of Alliance between China and Russia, May 1896, MacMurray, Treaties, vol. i, p. 81.