The Chinese Legation to the Department of State 38


General Horvat, Chief of the Chinese Eastern Railway, has issued a proclamation announcing his assumption of all the governmental powers of the Russian people within the jurisdiction of the Chinese Eastern Railway.

Lest General Horvat’s pretentions may create misunderstanding among the Allied and Associated Powers, the Government of the Republic of China hereby declares—

That as the Chinese Eastern Railway is located entirely in Chinese territory, the Government of the Republic cannot permit any outside power to exercise its governmental powers within the same territorial limits;
That General Horvat, being only a railway official, cannot be recognized as having authority to exercise governmental powers;
That according to the railway agreement, Russian officials of the railway, as well as Chinese and foreign residents of the railway zone, are all under the protection of the Chinese Government.

  1. Transmitted by the Chinese Chargé under covering note of Jan. 30 (not printed).