760c.60f/54: Telegram

The Secretary of State to the Ambassador in France (Wallace)


1410. Your telegram no. 1468, July 29, and despatch no. 1509, August 13.49 Referring to Teschen question, inform Department by [Page 67] telegraph as to present status. Do the Allied Powers still expect this Government to sign the agreement of July 28?

The Department has given careful consideration to the economic provisions of the proposed agreement and in principle approves them, especially as it is clearly understood that after the Upper Silesian plebiscite has been held they shall be open to revision. This Government holds the opinion that artificial arrangements likely to produce friction in administration should be avoided, but in the present case it recognizes that there are special factors which render an agreement of limited duration desirable between the Czechs and the Poles.

While this Government is willing to signify its approval of the agreement of July 28, it prefers to avoid signing and thereby assuming possibly a moral obligation to supervise the execution of the terms of the agreement. If it is your opinion, however, that this Government should join in signing the Teschen agreement as a result of the attitude taken in the matter, the Department desires you to telegraph your views.

In regard to the formation of the Commission for delimiting the Teschen boundary, the Department desires to be informed as to whether the Allies have designated members to serve on it, and the date when it is expected that this Commission will proceed to Teschen. The Department will be glad to receive recommendations from you in regard to a possible American delegate.

  1. Despatch not printed.