760c.60f/40: Telegram

The Ambassador in France (Wallace) to the Secretary of State

1462. Mission. Teschen question was settled at 69th and 70th meetings of Conference of Ambassadors held last night and to-night in a most satisfactory manner. The agreement which was signed this afternoon by Benes and my four colleagues [amply] covers and safeguards all points and interests contained in Department’s 1302, July 26th, 7 p.m., and also includes modifications which I referred to in my 1435, July 23, 6 p.m. Full text of agreement will be telegraphed to-morrow. Paderewski was absent from town today but Polish delegation assured Foreign Office that he would be here and sign on Friday.46

  1. The Department was informed by the Ambassador’s despatch no. 1511 of Aug. 13 that Mr. Paderewski signed the agreement on July 30 (file no. 760c.60f/53).