763.72119/9718: Telegram

The Ambassador in Italy (Johnson) to the Secretary of State

3. Harrison arrived 4 o’clock today. Upon learning from him substance of my instructions as telegraphed to him3 even though I have not yet received these instructions direct, I proceeded to conference about 4:45 and was immediately admitted to the sitting which was occupied with mandate for Palestine. I of course announced that [it] must be distinctly understood [my] status to be simply that of observer. I stated however I would be happy to transmit to the President any points upon which the conference desire his opinion. Telegram concerning subject matter of discussion follows.4 Am repeating this by way of Rome.

  1. In telegram of Apr. 21, 5 p.m. (file no. 123 H 243/64a); it conveyed to him the substance of the Department’s Apr. 20, supra, and instructed him to proceed to San Remo to assist the Ambassador.
  2. Not printed; for other reports of proceedings of the Conference of San Remo, see Turkey, Efforts in Behalf of the Armenians, vol. iii, p. 774.