760c.60f/25: Telegram

The Ambassador in France ( Wallace ) to the Secretary of State

1404. Mission. Following is a translation of the declaration signed by the delegates of Poland and Czechoslovakia at Spa Conference relative to question of Teschen.

[Page 50]

“Spa, July 10, 1920. Spa Conference. Declaration of the delegates of Poland and Czechoslovakia at the Spa Conference concerning the question of Teschen, Silesia.

For 18 months a bitter struggle has been going on in Teschen, Silesia, between our two nations; this struggle inspired, it is true, by patriotic sentiments on both sides has often been carried on by regrettable means, acts of violence have been committed, accusations have been launched, and threats have been abundant.

At first an attempt was made to settle the problem of Teschen, Silesia, of Spis and of Orawa by the plebiscite, afterwards arbitration was proposed. Unfortunately it did not seem that either procedure could succeed in [establishing?] titles and both would rather excite passion than appease it.

In these circumstances undersigned delegates being aware of the decision of the Allies to take the Czecho-Slovak Polish question again into their hands met at Spa and after long discussions decided to accept the definite settlement [by] the Allied Powers of the question at issue, consequently in the name of their respective Governments they consent to the plebiscite of Teschen, Spis and Orawa being suspended and to the Allies, after they have heard the two sides, taking the measures necessary for definitely settling the dispute.

The Czecho-Slovak and Polish Governments both undertake to execute loyally the decision which is arrived at.

At the same time we promise to take immediately the measures necessary to ensure that the present state of things comes to an end at once in order that normal peaceful and friendly relations may be reestablished in the plebiscite territory in order that all those who have suffered or have been injured by illegal proceedings during the plebiscite campaign may, by common agreement between the two Governments, be justly compensated.

The delegates of the two Governments express their conviction that the Supreme Council, guided by sentiments of justice and equity, will take into account the true interests of the two sister nations. They consider the moment of the signature of this declaration as the point of [departure for] new relations true, cordial, and friendly between Poland and Czechoslovakia.

Signed at Spa July 10, 1920.

In the name of the Government of the Polish Republic: Signed Ladislas Grabski.

In the name of the Government of the Czecho-Slovak Republic: Signed Doctor Ed Benes.”