760c.61/83: Telegram

The Minister in Czechoslovakia (Crane) to the Secretary of State

162. Your telegram number 77. Having been informed by DuBois32 on [apparent omission] that Foreign Office told him munitions destined for Poland are being held over by Czech transportation employees, I inquired directly from Minister Benes. He confirmed information and stated that while in Paris he had informed Polish Minister Patek that Government would not intervene in this matter. First, because Foreign Affairs Committee of Polish Parliament had passed resolution in favor breaking off relations with Czechoslovakia and, second, because Polish press continually stating that Teschen question would be settled by force of arms. If Poland could control hostile attitude of press and Parliament he would then take up the matter. To attempt to do so now would greatly strengthen chauvinistic and radical demonstrations in their fight against the Government here.

  1. Arthur Wood DuBois, Special Representative of the Department of State for duty in Central Europe.