760c.60f/12: Telegram

The Ambassador in France (Wallace) to the Secretary of State

1290. Mission. Referring to my 1252, June 5, 9 p.m. Patek31 called upon me with Polish Minister in Paris and informed me that he had held a conference with Benes regarding submission of Teschen question to arbitration. Patek had urged that it be mutually agreed to exclude communes in which either Czechs or Poles were in a majority of 80 percent. Beneš had demurred and had urged that question in its entirety be submitted to the arbitrator. Patek consented. Benes had then asked if Patek had consulted and had obtained full authority from the Commission of Foreign Affairs of the Diet. As Patek answered in the affirmative Beneš stated that he would have therefore to consult with his Commission for Foreign Affairs whose consent he confidently expected to obtain. Benes is leaving for Prague and has promised to let Patek have a definite answer by Sunday.

  1. Stanislas Patek, Polish Minister for Foreign Affairs.