The Vice Consul in Chargé at Canton (Adams) to the Secretary of State

No. 168

Sir: I have the honor to supplement my despatch No. 164, dated October 30, 1920, regarding the military and political happenings in the Canton Consular District.

Canton is completely under the control of Generals Chen Chiung Ming, Wei Pang Ping and Lee Fu Lin. General Chen Chiung Ming’s forces and bands of independent soldiery professing allegiance to him control all of Kwangtung except the North River district above Fa Yuen [Fayünshing?] and the West River District around Shiuhing and beyond. Severe fighting is reported to be in progress in these districts and troops are being sent from Canton to reinforce the Kwangtung soldiers there.

As anticipated in my despatch No. 164 of October 30, 1920, General Chen Chiung Ming, in harmony with the wishes of the four Administrative Directors of the Military Government, Wu Tingfang, Tang Shao-yi, Sun Yat-sen and Tang Chi-yao, has declared null and void the action of Tsen Chun Hsuan and Mo Yung-hsin in winding up the affairs of the Military Government and cancelling Kwangtung’s independence. A free translation of the notice issued by General Chen under date of November 1, 1920, proclaiming the action of Tsen Chun Hsuan and Mo Yung-hsin invalid, is enclosed.48

Tang Ting Kwang is still nominally acting as Military Governor of Kwangtung and in a communication dated November 3, 1920, he stated that he had, on October 29, 1920, formally assumed charge of the office of Civil Governor of Kwangtung.

Tang Ting Kwang is reported to be quite willing to vacate, in favor of Chen Chiung Ming, the offices which he now holds and it is generally understood here that the title of Military Governor [Page 483] of Kwangtung will be abolished and that General Chen Chiung Ming will become Civil Governor and Commander in Chief of the military forces of Kwangtung. It is also expected that the following officials will be appointed:

  • Frank W. Lee
    Commissioner of Foreign Affairs, Canton.
  • Liao Chung Kai
    Commissioner of Finance, Canton.
  • Chou Lu
    Executive Secretary, Civil Governor’s Office, Canton.
  • Lung Yung Hsuan
    Commissioner of Water Police, Canton.
  • Chen Yung Shan
    Director, Government Arsenal.

Following the declaration of Admiral Lin Pao Yi announcing his allegiance to the Peking Government, the members of the Administrative Council of the Military Government issued a notice of his dismissal as Minister of the Navy and, it is understood, offered the post to Tang Ting Kwang who declined the appointment.

Copies of this despatch are being sent to the American Legation at Peking and the American Consul at Swatow.

I have [etc.]

Walter A. Adams
  1. Not printed.