The Minister in China (Crane) to the Secretary of State

No. 53

Sir: I have the honor to transmit herewith translation copies of circular No. 108 of the Dean of the Diplomatic Corps, regarding the safety of foreigners in Peking during the present crisis.36

I have [etc.]

Charles R. Crane

The Dean of the Diplomatic Corps in China (Boppe) to the Chinese Acting Minister of Foreign Affairs (Tcheng Loh)37

Mr. Minister: At the present time when in a great many places the Chinese territory, even in the outskirts of the Capital are disturbed by the useless and disastrous military conflicts concerning which the Foreign Powers have already had occasion to express their disapproval, the Diplomatic Representatives wish to express the confidence which they place in His Excellency President Hsu Shih Chang’s exercising his power of supreme magistrate to enforce the general principles of humanity upon the local warring factions.

But they wish also to solemnly call the attention of the Chinese Government to the strict obligations which they have undertaken concerning the protection of foreigners. They will hold the present Chinese Government responsible for any attack, which during the present trouble, may be made against foreigners or their property.

[Page 457]

They think it necessary to express the view of all the Chiefs of Mission that measures should be taken to prevent the entrance of armed troops in Peking or the use of bombing planes on the city.

Receive [etc.]

  1. The first part of the circular, addressed to the dean’s colleagues and transmitting copies of his note to the Chinese Foreign Office (enclosure hereto), not printed.
  2. Copies were sent to President Hsu Shih-ch’ang and to Marshal Tuan Chi-jui.