893.00/3417: Telegram

The Minister in China (Crane) to the Secretary of State

198. Environs of Peking occupied by Chihli and Fengtien troops. Remnants of Tuan and Hsu forces proceeding north towards Kalgan [Page 455]and from Tungchow toward Jehol, other portions still here surrendering en masse to Chang. President has received numerous communications from the Anfu partisans disavowing recent military operations, blaming Minister of Communications and General Hsu who have disappeared.

Apparently no Cabinet changes or constructive measures [of] relief yet. Military Governor Chang will come to Peking. Ferguson reports latter as saying his main policy is to uphold President who exists as sole constitutional agency for reunification and consecutive continuance of government.

Military trains Peking-Tientsin discontinued but normal traffic impossible because of numerous troop trains and military interference.