893.00/3408a: Telegram

The Secretary of State to the Minister in China (Crane)

183. An Associated Press despatch dated Tientsin July 16 reports Japanese occupying Peking-Tientsin Railway at Yangtsun refuse to permit Chinese troops to advance along railway. Department desires to know when and under what circumstances section of railway between Peking and Tientsin hitherto allocated to British troops was occupied by Japanese.

In this connection the Department desires to recall to your attention the action of the Diplomatic Body at the time of the Revolution in 1912 when it recorded the following resolution in connection with the occupation by foreign troops of the Peking-Shanhaikwan railway:

“2. Both Chinese Imperial and revolutionist troops are at liberty to utilize the railway line and adjoining piers and wharfage for the purposes of transportation, landing or embarkation and will not be interfered with.” See Diplomatic Circular No. 13A of January 26, 1912.31

  1. Not printed.