693.119/334: Telegram

The Minister in China (Crane) to the Secretary of State

183. Italian Legation publishes statement that Italian Government has not agreed not to sell military supplies in China; that when embargo [Page 441]was agreed upon Italian Government made reservation of unfulfilled contracts and that it is no longer able and willing postpone execution of certain contracts; that some munitions are being delivered to troops guarding Peking but that no gun or [omission] are among supplies delivered.

Japanese publishes statement Japanese instructors have been recalled from Tuan forces.

Chang Tso-lin has telegraphed President of the Republic he has proof Tuan is inciting brigands in Manchuria and agrees [sic] usurping President’s functions therefore [Chang Tso-lin] will organize large punitive expedition and occupy Peking where he will remain until criminals like Tuan are punished and Anfu Party extirpated.

Peking-Mukden Railway administration report all available rolling stock sent to Manchuria. Train service uncertain except Peking to (Tientsin?). American and British forces in Tientsin are retaining sufficient cars for own use.