The British Ambassador (Geddes) to the Secretary of State

No. 582

Sir: With reference to your note of June 19th last, and to previous correspondence relative to the proposed Fisheries Treaty between the United States and Great Britain, I have the honour, at the request of the Government of Canada, to suggest that a slight addition should be made to the draft treaty in order to prevent loss of time to Canadian or United States fishing vessels which may put into the ports of the other country concerned for certain purposes. On reference to paragraphs (g) of Articles I and II of the draft treaty17 it will be observed that they provide for the dressing, salting and otherwise preparing of catches on board ship in the territorial waters of either country. This is regarded as sufficient so far as mackerel is concerned, but in the case of vessels which have catches of other fish which must be cured or partially cured without loss of time if they are to be saved or handled to the best advantage, it is considered by the Canadian Government that such vessels should be permitted to carry on such operations on land.

[Page 405]

The Canadian Government accordingly suggest that the paragraphs referred to above should be changed by inserting the following words after the word “Canada” in paragraph (g) of Article I and by inserting the same words after the words “United States” in paragraph (g) of Article II:

“and on land, if previous agreement for such purpose is made with the proprietors or possessors of the ground or other property used.”

In bringing this suggestion of the Canadian Government to the notice of the United States Government, I have the honour to enquire whether it is now possible for any definite date for the signature of the Treaty in question to be fixed.

I have [etc.]

A. C. Geddes