824.00/154: Telegram

The Minister in Bolivia (Maginnis) to the Secretary of State

148. Your November 22, 6 p.m. Following is the result of the elections. Senators, Republicans 16, Radicals and Liberals none; Deputies, Republicans 67, Radicals 2, Liberals 1. The above will meet in convention on December 20 to revise Constitution and to select the President who will certainly be a Republican and probably a member of the present Junta. The convention may continue after transacting the above business as the Congress of the country or may select Provisional President and arrange for further elections next May for President and Congress. This question is to be settled by the convention when it meets.

Elections were orderly and tranquil throughout all the Republic except in Cliza, in the Department of Cochabamba, where two men were killed and four injured in a personal quarrel between Republicans, and in Trinidad where the prefect was murdered by a candidate who tried to seize control of the Province acting independently and without the support or approval of any political party. The culprit has been imprisoned and order restored.

In view of the fact that the Bolivian people have almost unanimously approved of the Republican Party remaining in control as at present and since the personnel of the Government will remain materially the same after the convention meets, I earnestly repeat recommendation immediate recognition as set forth in my telegram November 15, 4 p.m.