824.00/88: Telegram

The Minister in Bolivia (Maginnis) to the Secretary of State

95. Paraguay recognized new Government yesterday. British Minister received cable July 28th saying that unless there is change in situation recognition of de facto Government will be made in one week. Situation here delicate; while everything is outwardly tranquil there is a great deal of uneasiness because of fear [of] Army which is controlled by secret league composed mainly of captains and subordinate officers, revolutionary Government having considerable difficulty in getting money to pay Army as well as other Government employees. Any attempt at a counter revolution now would undoubtedly cause great bloodshed and would be real disaster to Bolivia. After carefully studying situation with all its dangerous possibilities, firmly believe best course for the United States is to recognize provisionally de facto Government without delay pending fair elections as our holding back may invite wild attempt at a counter revolution which would complicate matters seriously. Revolutionary Government continues deportations contrary to advice of Salamanca3 who is universally trusted and considered best guarantee for stability if he will accept place in new Government. British Minister and I, both feeling matter very important, are intimating to Junta that our Governments may look more favorably upon the question of recognition with Salamanca as part of the new Government.

  1. Dr. Daniel Salamanca, Republican Party leader of Bolivia.