824.00/74: Telegram

The Ambassador in Chile (Shea) to the Secretary of State


99. In conversation with Minister for Foreign Affairs he mentioned that Peru had recognized the new Bolivian Government, and inquired what would be the attitude of the United States. He indicated that he would appreciate an immediate reply and said that Chile would have to have assurances of the new Government’s attitude toward her before she could recognize. Chile would also have several proposals to make the acceptance of which might lead to a peaceful settlement of the long-standing differences between the two countries. In my opinion our recognition of the new Government should be given much consideration. Chile is unquestionably making clever use of the present international situation to divert public attention from the agitation of the recent election in order to calm domestic unrest and to end strikes. Encouragement is being given to patriotic demonstrations while patriotic exhortations and anti-Peruvian articles fill the press.