824.00/66: Telegram

The Minister in Bolivia (Maginnis) to the Secretary of State

82. Peru yesterday recognized new Government. Representatives here of all other countries unanimous in opinion that there should [Page 375] be no recognition now but unless something now unforeseen should occur in next few days provisional recognition of de facto Government with ample guarantees [to] foreigners and foreign interests pending holding of fair elections might be made. I feel that we should recognize the new Government as soon as possible but make it sufficiently provisional to provide for any changes which would be mainly in the personnel if at all. Ramirez arrived today and Escalier will arrive Thursday. This revolution not one by people, provoked by any ill treatment, but clever and successful coup planned by four civilians and three army officers here, made possible by dissatisfaction in army and high handed methods at elections. It is charged Peruvian money was used. Situation of the army rather puzzling with most of higher officers not in sympathy with new leaders and most of the officers of inferior rank ardently supporting them. Now that Republicans are in power they find it necessary to abandon their demands for Antofagasta on account of the danger [of] irritating Chile. As the largest part of their support came from reason of revindication of border policy, it is question whether they will be able to remain in power long.