824.00/62: Telegram

The Minister in Bolivia (Maginnis) to the Secretary of State

76. Junta de Gobierno yesterday addressed communication asking recognition of foreign governments. We are today requesting full information relative to success of revolution in all parts of Bolivia and what guarantees de facto Government will give in respecting person of foreigners; also with reference to treaties, contracts and concessions entered into by former [Government?] and approximate date of election provided in following proclamation:

The political leader[s], considering that the new political state of the Republic has been consolidated with the patriotic cooperation of the army, decidedly contributing [to] social guarantees, decrees:

That there is constituted a Provisional Council of Government composed of Messrs. José Maria Escalier, Bautista Saavedra and José Manuel Ramirez;
That the Council of Government will call within a short period for a national convention which [will be elected by the?] free suffrage of the Bolivian people, will appoint the President of the Republic, will reform the political constitution of the country and will legislate favorably for the new organization of the country.

All subordinate employees of the public administration will retain their positions until their services can be dispensed [with], discharging their duties from tomorrow on.

Signed B. Saavedra, La Paz, July 13, 1920.