824.00/52: Telegram

The Ambassador in Chile (Shea) to the Secretary of State


97. With reference to the Embassy’s telegram of June 30.1 The Foreign Office informs me that several of their telegrams from the Chilean Legation at La Paz are missing; the Chilean Chargé d’Affaires telegraphed yesterday afternoon that the diplomatic corps had called on Saavedra, who is acting as President, and received his assurance that protection would be given the Ministers of the fallen Government, that Chilean citizens and interests would be protected, and that the ex-President was in the American Legation. [Page 373] Later telegrams stated that the Government was sending the ex-President and [omission] out of the country to Arica today. The situation is evidently causing the Chilean Government anxiety, and the revolution is attributed to Carrasco and the Bolivian party of revindication. According to information given me from the Foreign Office, Peru has already 10,000 soldiers on her Bolivian frontier, and the Government here is taking steps to mobilize an army immediately on the Bolivian frontier.2 The [Government] is making feeble efforts to minimize the seriousness of the situation, though the Foreign Office admits frankly it fears a widespread South American agitation.

  1. Not printed.
  2. For earlier papers showing attitude of Chile and Peru toward Bolivia’s claims in Tacna-Arica dispute, see pp. 324 passim.