723.2515/578: Telegram

The Ambassador in Chile ( Shea ) to the Acting Secretary of State

38. Following is text briefly summarized of note received to-day from Foreign Minister acknowledging receipt of my note of March 18th. [It] expresses thanks for information contained therein concerning American representations made to Bolivian Government and deplores in its turn street disturbances on the part of certain elements of the people in La Paz produced by the aggressions of Peruvian residents of that city on a Bolivian officer of high rank.

It expresses full confidence that Bolivian Government will know how to appreciate duties accruing therefrom and states the Chilean Government is in accord with the United States in believing worthy of censure persons fomenting popular agitations within a country compromising its authorities and giving room for international disturbances, a censure which logically should apply to those originating the troubles. The reply takes note of the question of mobilization and deplores in adverting to the President’s message of conciliation addressed to Chile and Peru the frequency with which Peru produces such alarms causing unquietude to the continent and to the United States. The note declares that Chile’s conduct in the past and its sincere desire for peace will [counsel] it to look with misgivings on any attempt to disturb international order.

The Chilean Government duly informed of the events occurring in La Paz cannot attribute to them greater consequences than to a simple agitation of popular elements. The Government and people of Chile, the note concludes, are absolutely tranquil and have not for a moment thought of the extreme measure of mobilization.