723.2515/564: Telegram

The Acting Secretary of State to the Ambassador in Chile (Shea)

17. Your March 17 [16?], 4 p.m.

You will immediately inform the Minister for Foreign Affairs that the Department of State has cabled the Legation in Bolivia with reference to recent mob activities in La Paz that: [Here follows the first paragraph of the statement transmitted in telegram no. 18, March 17, to the Minister in Bolivia, printed on page 330.] In this connection you will recall to the Minister for Foreign Affairs Department’s December 4, 6 p.m., 1918.84

The Department would deplore mobilization in Chile. A very grave responsibility would be assumed by such mobilization. A similar representation has been made to the Governments of Peru and Bolivia regarding mobilization in those countries.

The Government of the United States views the present situation with the greatest apprehension and counts upon the Government of Chile to do everything in its power to avoid the breaking out of hostilities on the western coast of South America, and to preserve peace until a means of solution for the question interesting Chile, Peru, and Bolivia can be found other than force, which cannot be countenanced by the civilized world.

Cable Department daily regarding developments in situation.