723.2515/567: Telegram

The Minister in Bolivia (Maginnis) to the Acting Secretary of State

26. [Situation] had been nearest calm and satisfactory with no deportation since the last report until Saturday night when Bolivian officer in charge of aviation was attacked in the dark by 20 to 30 men and with his two assistants badly beaten up. He stated that men who attacked him yelled “Down with Bolivia! Viva Peru!” This story published in El Tiempo caused great deal of feeling and last night a crowed of at least 1,000 men and boys [started from] the plaza after some speeches to vent its feelings upon the Peruvians. Crowd passed Legation. Scenting trouble we notified police and followed mob which had already attacked and badly wrecked both Peruvian Legation and Consulate. We found that Peruvian Chargé d’Affaires and Consul with party including several women were at theater. Fearing personal violence from the mob which had gone back up town and was engaged in wrecking of stores and a few houses, we took the Peruvians quietly from the theater to the homes of friends. Also offered them shelter in the Legation which they did not find it necessary to take advantage of. My action commended by Bolivian officials who generally deplore action of mob composed of boys and rougher element. Property damage extensive, also some sacking but no one injured. It is reported that La Razon, opposition paper, will be attacked [tonight], also that [Page 330] riots will continue tonight. However authorities may prevent further trouble.