The Minister in Guatemala ( McMillin ) to the Secretary of State

No. 89

Sir: Referring to Legation’s cable No. 116 of July 17, 6 P.M. and to Department’s Instruction No. 398 of July 27th,65 I have the honor to report that the line of the compromise boundary between Guatemala and Honduras mentioned in Department’s Instruction No. 398 of July 27th, 1920 has not yet been agreed upon by the two Governments. The delay is explained by the authorities here by the fact, first, that the new Government has been so engros[s]ed with the many questions arising for solution, that the work required by this dispute could not be taken up: secondly, the administration concluded that a matter so important as this and involving the Nation’s territory should be deferred till after Herrera’s election. But I am assured that it will be entered upon soon after the election; that when the line shall have been settled, the results will be forwarded to Washington and entered as the final settlement; and that meantime the commissions of the two Governments will remain in Washington till the conclusion of the matter. The Minister for Foreign Affairs assures me both Governments are anxious for a conclusion in order that twenty miles of railroad on this border may be built which will establish a short rail connection between the capitals of the two Republics.

I have [etc.]

Benton McMillin
  1. Instructing the Minister to “endeavor discreetly to ascertain the line of the compromise boundary” referred to in his telegram of July 17.