758.6114AI/84: Telegram

The Ambassador in Great Britain (Davis) to the Secretary of State

1062. The Council of the League of Nations now in session in London has unanimously adopted the following resolution, the representatives of Finland and Sweden adhering:

“That a commission of three international jurists shall be appointed to give to the Council on the following questions an advisory opinion with the least possible delay. 1. Does the Swedish case as presented to the Council on the question of the Aaland Islands arise out of a matter which by international law is solely within the domestic jurisdiction of Finland within the meaning of paragraph 8 of article 15 of the Covenant? 2. What is the present state of the international obligations regarding the demilitarization of the Aaland Islands?”

These questions would have been placed by the Council before the Permanent Court for International Justice for its advisory opinion had that body been established. I am asked whether I would consent to act as one of the members of this Commission. Have made it clear that I could only do so with the permission of my Government and unless some good reason is perceived to the [Page 33] contrary I shall decline to serve. Please advise. Other names under consideration are Max Huber of Switzerland and Struycken of Holland.

I think it would be helpful if America could be represented on this Commission by some person of repute not in Government service. Have you any suggestions?