500.C114/32: Telegram

The Minister in the Netherlands (Phillips) to the Secretary of State

177. My 169, July 14, noon.13 The final draft for the new Court of International Justice was signed this morning by all members of committee. It consists of 62 articles. It is accompanied by three voeux: (1) presented by Mr. Root and Baron Descamps, recommending that the Council and Assembly of the League call a third international conference at The Hague as soon as may be practicable; (2) presented by Baron Descamps, concerning the establishment of a high court of international justice to judge crimes against public international order and universal law; (3) presented by the committee as a whole, recommending that the academy of international law founded at The Hague in 1913, which has not actually functioned since the beginning of the war, shall recommence its activities as soon as possible.

The results of tests [committee’s] work will be announced tomorrow at a public session at the Peace Palace and the majority of the members of the committee, including Mr. Root, leave for The Hague tomorrow evening.

I think it may be said that the success of the meeting has been largely through the close cooperation between Mr. Root and Lord Phillimore. The final draft as signed is in reality the Root-Phillimore plan modified somewhat in the interest of harmony.

  1. Not printed.