864.48/15: Telegram

The Minister in Rumania (Vopicka) to the Acting Secretary of State

18. In answer to Department’s telegram of February 6, 3 p.m. I beg to report that I explained to the Rumanian Minister for Foreign Affairs the situation in Budapest as stated in the Department’s [Page 259] telegram. The Minister answered that he would investigate immediately and if he found that it is as bad as stated, Rumania will do all she can to assist and aid Budapest. He said that he does not believe that the situation is so critical but that it is merely propaganda for Hungary and Austria to make it appear to the world that these ex-partners of Germany are suffering very much. He further stated that the farmers of Hungary are refusing to send food to Budapest and that in Hungary the farmers have plenty of food and that there might be a shortage of food in Budapest but it was caused by these revolting farmers. If the Department would permit me to visit Budapest, I would know the situation for myself and would not be obliged to accept the Rumanian authorities’ report. Please let me know if my trip to Budapest will be satisfactory to the Department. I shall communicate the decision of the Rumanian Government as soon as received.