033.1132/54: Telegram

The Ambassador in Argentina (Stimson) to the Acting Secretary of State

276. From Russell, Secretary of the Embassy.

“In the absence of the Ambassador, Under Secretary for Foreign Affairs has extended to me, in the name of the President of the Republic, a formal and official cordial invitation to the Secretary of State to visit Argentina as the guest of the nation. An Argentine war vessel will be sent to Montevideo to convey the members of the mission [to] Buenos Aires where accommodations will be provided for them in the Plaza Hotel. Under Secretary added that length of stay would depend entirely upon Mr. Colby’s wishes but he hoped that it would not be too short. He suggested eight days in order that the Secretary might meet leading men of the country and not be too hurried. The program while not as yet communicated to me in full will include a state dinner, an official [Page 234] reception, et cetera, and every thing possible will be done. I had ascertained from Under Secretary on preceding day that accommodations would be provided by the Government and informed Rio de Janeiro accordingly and information contained in this telegram is also being communicated to the Secretary of State.”