032.1132/26: Telegram

The Acting Secretary of State to the Ambassador in Argentina (Stimson)


136. Your 258, dated November 29, 2 p.m. The Department is reluctant to question the form of the invitation extended; the Argentine Government replied through your Embassy that it would welcome the visit of the Secretary of State, and the same sentiment was communicated to the Department through the Argentine Ambassador here. If, however, you have positive reason to believe that the Government of Argentina by reason of domestic political considerations would be embarrassed by the Secretary’s visit at this time, the Department desires you to obtain an audience with the President at once and inquire discreetly and informally whether or not he would prefer the visit of the Secretary of State to be deferred until some future and perhaps more appropriate date. Should you determine that it is necessary to obtain this audience with President Irigoyen in order to be sure that the Secretary’s visit would be welcomed, you will take occasion to let him know that the Government of the United States considers that the visit of the Secretary of State to Argentina would evince the friendly regard of the United States for Argentina and make evident beyond question the fact that there does not exist now nor has there at any time existed on the part of this Government any trace of resentment because of the policy pursued by the Argentine Government during the war. Make clear likewise that the Secretary, on his approaching visit, does not intend in any way to refer to questions which have arisen during the past few years, but brings with him instead the message that this Government desires in every way possible to strengthen in the future the bonds of friendship and common interest that link the two countries.