711.5821/50a: Telegram

The Acting Secretary of State to the Minister in Sweden (Morris)

34. On or before March 18, 1920, you will address a note to the Foreign Office, in the sense of the following:

“Under instructions from my Government, I have the honor to give to the Royal Swedish Government on behalf of the Government of the United States the official notification of intention not to renew contemplated by Article XV of the Consular Convention with Sweden of June 1, 1910, whereby the operation of the Convention will terminate in accordance with its terms on March 18, 1921.

As has been previously pointed out to the Government of Sweden, the application of the fundamental principles of the Act of Congress, approved March 4, 1915, to alien seamen within the territorial jurisdiction of the United States involved an abrogation of treaty provisions inconsistent therewith. The President, therefore, using the discretion which he considered was granted to him to interpret the act in the sense contemplated by Congress, authorized this Legation to propose an arrangement between the two Governments which would carry out the purpose of the act by the elimination of stipulations in the Convention of June 1, 1910, inconsistent with the Act. Since the Swedish Government apparently considers that it is not yet in a position to acquiesce in an arrangement of this character, it appears that a solution of the existing situation with regard to the stipulations in question can only be found in the denouncement of the treaty in its entirety. I have the honor to request that you be good enough to make acknowledgment to me of this notification.”