813.00/1037: Telegram

The Chargé in Costa Rica (Martin) to the Acting Secretary of State

22. Department’s 39, December 22, 3 p.m. Sessions of conference are secret and absolute reserve is being maintained by delegates. It is therefore impossible for this Legation to procure at the present moment copies of resolutions mentioned by the Department particularly as one of the [Nicaraguan] delegates to the [conference] Ramón Castillo sailed yesterday for Managua for the purpose of inducing his Government to modify its instructions.

Although there has been no break in the proceedings of the conference I understand that an acute difference has arisen on the point of the Bryan-Chamorro treaty. Due to the absence of the Nicaraguan Chargé d’Affaires who is ill in Punta Arenas, details of the discussion now unavailable but I am informed that the Nicaraguan delegates submitted resolution that the Bryan-Chamorro treaty be recognized in all its effects and consequences. The other delegations objected to mentioning the treaty by name and suggested as a counterproposal that all treaties to which states of Central America are parties should be respected and that said states pledge themselves to “try” to settle by arbitration all territorial and boundary questions. The latter clause evidently includes in the scope of its provisions the matter of the Gulf of Fonseca.47 Copies of resolutions could be obtained through Managua Legation. Unless present Government [of] Nicaragua recedes from its position or new administration accepts compromise resolution, conference will probably dissolve.

  1. See art. ii of the Bryan-Chamorro treaty, Foreign Relations, 1916, p. 850.