500.Cl/7a: Telegram

The Secretary of State to the Ambassador in France (Wallace)

315. Mission.

Department has received from French Ambassador a memorandum7 stating that a second meeting of the Council of the League of Nations will take place in London on or about February 12, and stating that from assurances previously received, the French Government hopes that the American Government will not object to this new meeting, made necessary by the urgent consideration of such questions as the appointment of an Allied High Commissioner for Danzig and the government of the Saar Region.

You may inform the Committee of Ambassadors that the United States has no objection whatsoever to the holding of the second meeting of the Council of the League of Nations, but that it is, of course, unable, for reasons which your colleagues will readily understand, to have a representative at this meeting.

The French Ambassador in Washington is being notified in the sense of the above.

  1. Not printed.