574.D1/26: Telegram

The Ambassador in Japan (Morris) to the Secretary of State

120. Your circular telegrams February 10, 6 p.m.,87 and March 4, 7 p.m.,86 International Communications Conference.

[Page 115]

I have had considerable difficulty in obtaining from the Minister for Foreign Affairs an answer to the invitation but in a note dated yesterday he at last replies as follows:88

“Willing as the Imperial Government are to take part in the proposed Conference they are very desirous to have the Conference postponed for at least two months with a view to completing preparations of bills to be introduced and other relevant matters. I therefore have the further honor to request Your Excellency to be so kind as to take the above into consideration and accordingly to advise the Government of the United States.”

I fear that the failure of our Government to join the League of Nations and the lack of American interest in the proceedings of the International Labor Conference as reported by the Japanese delegation on its return have led Japanese officials to doubt the sincerity or practical value of international conferences called to meet in the United States for any purpose.

  1. See footnote 84, p. 111.
  2. Not printed.
  3. The original note was in the Japanese language.