551.A1/53: Telegram

The Ambassador in Belgium ( Whitlock ) to the Secretary of State

135. B–285. For Davis for Houston.

Conference adjourned today,75 leave for Paris tomorrow. Resolution[s] adopted cabled by press.76 Have already forwarded texts all resolutions also copies most important papers read. Shall forward later official report of proceedings, also practically complete sets papers printed by League before Conference, also statements presented and explanatory statements by different countries. Good deal of valuable material worth study by your experts, a few in regard to Cassels’ study of exchange problem worth personal examination.
Will write after return to Paris but no detailed report necessary. Conference hamstrung from start by failure to fix German indemnity earlier. Has accomplished all that could reasonably be expected which was first, make beginning of harmonious discussion and cooperation between nations, emphasis this thought increased continually, whole feeling of Conference excellent; next, emphasize fundamental principles. Strong determination evident among all delegates not be led into politics or recommendation hasty experiments. Determined do no harm even if could not do much immediate good.
More general recognition than might have been expected that United States could not be expected to finance whole world and that first essential was for Europe help itself. This was influenced considerably without doubt by recognition of danger of emphasizing hope for United States aid during election. What I said also had good effect in this direction and was intentionally inserted for this purpose at time when national statements submitted, all emphasizing great need for outside credit, were rolling up sort of cumulative effect which might have led to some more specific expression.
Resolutions and recommendations sound useful as far as they go. Obvious omission to deal with what shall be done for states now bankrupt or so [nearly] bankrupt that they could not possibly revert to principles sound finance, but this omission intentional and seems [Page 103] wise now though problem remains. Ter Meulen scheme may help a little. Critical examination will show a few hints to United States but harmless and no real drive was made at us such for instance as Italians made at British export price of coal.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . .

  • Boyden
  • Whitlock
  1. The Conference closed its final session Oct. 8, 5:45 p.m. Boyden’s telegram was probably written the same evening but not dispatched until the next day.
  2. See the Ambassador’s despatch no. 990, infra.