818.00/881: Telegram

The Consul at San José (Chase) to the Secretary of State

Your September 6th, 4 p.m. Aguilar Barquero became Provisional President by virtue of a resolution of citizens, the text of which was given in my cipher telegram September 2nd, 9 a.m.,30 and [Page 861] by a decree dated September 2nd, 11 a.m., translation as follows:

“Juan Bautiste Quiros, First Vice President, Acting Executive, considering: first, that the public weal of Costa Rica demands the immediate adoption of extraordinary measures which put in safety’ the supreme interests of the national autonomy and on the other hand respond to the wishes freely manifested by the Costa Rican people to reorganize the country on constitutional basis different from those now existing and to elect their agents and representatives in popular elections to be held within a prudent time; second, that as the sovereignty resides essentially and exclusively in the nation and from it must emanate the public powers, and as the functionaries of the state are not owners, but mere trustees of the authority, it is obvious that in the present circumstances the highest duties of our representatives justify the respect on the part of the constituted Government of the aspirations of the country expressed in the preceding article and which comply strictly with a true concept of democracy; therefore in view of the vote of the majority cast yesterday in the assembly of citizens which met at the presidential house at the call of the head of the Government to consider the solution of the grave problems which perplex the country, in the Council decrees:

Sole Article. The Executive power of the Republic is deposited in Attorney Francisco Aguilar Barquero in order that this distinguished citizen may proceed to reorganize the life of the Republic in the form which he may consider adequate for the fulfillment of the ends to which reference has been made.”

Signed by all the members of his Cabinet except one.

Aguilar issued a decree the same date as follows. Translation: “From this date I assume the Supreme Command [of] the Army of the Republic.”

Elections will be held under the old constitution but not yet announced when.

Carlos Brenes Ortiz yesterday appointed Minister [of] Hacienda to succeed Aguilar Bolandi.

U. S. Cruiser Denver arrived at Puntarenas last night.

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