818.00/829: Telegram

The Consul at San José ( Chase ) to the Secretary of State

Juan Bautista Quiros selected by Tinoco as Designado and approved by his Congress took charge yesterday as Acting President. His Cabinet consists of Guillermo Vargas Minister of Foreign Affairs, Grace, Justice, Religion and Charity; Alejandro J. Aguilar, Minister of Gobernacion, Police and Fomento; Manubri Angliform [Manuel Aguilar?] Minister of Hacienda and Commerce; Fannastio [Faustino?] Camacho Minister of Public Instructions; Victor Manuel Rendos Minister of War and Marine; two first named were of Tinoco Cabinet. Quiros issued a proclamation making promises of reforms and liberty to all citizens but said nothing about elections.

A manifestation for elections was attempted yesterday morning but suppressed by the police. Prisoners are being released, streets still under the surveillance of armed guards.

Quiros has told a prominent citizen to whom he offered a Cabinet office that he is entitled to prompt recognition of his government by the United States and to serve for the balance of the Tinoco term of office. It would seem to be [advisable?] that it be publicly known soon if the attitude of our Government remains as expressed in cablegram February 9th, 1917, to the Legation.17 It is doubtful whether Tinoco told Quiros of that decision. There is likely to be serious trouble unless an election is to be held very soon as there is a strong demand for it.

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