Mr. Alfredo González to the Secretary of State

Your Excellency: It is reported that a change of government took place in Costa Rica within the last few days and in this connection I beg to state that I have received cablegraphic instructions from the leaders of the Costa Rican forces, that since last May have been fighting the army of the dictator of Costa Rica in the northern territory of the country, to inform the government of the United States that they will not recognize any government which is not constituted according to the Constitution of the Republic and that the forces at their command will firmly continue the campaign in which they are now engaged until the constitutional government is reestablished.

They demand that the government be entrusted to the third Vice President under the constitutional order, Mr. Francisco Aguilar [Page 851] Barquero, who after assuming the functions of the government will call the people to general elections.

No other solution of the political situation created in Costa Rica by the treacherous rebellion of Federico Tinoco will be deemed acceptable and it is a motive of special gratification to us that our attitude is in harmony with the spirit and intention of the policy pursued by the government of the United States in refusing recognition to the persons who usurped the national power of Costa Rica through the armed rebellion of January 27, 1917.

Juan B. Quiros, who was a member of Tinoco’s government, is the person reported to have been appointed by him as his successor. His is not a new or different government; it is merely a continuation of the illegal and disreputable regime set up by Tinoco.

I am [etc.]

Alfred González