861.77/684: Telegram

The Minister in China (Reinsch) to the Acting Secretary of State

The Russian Minister states that since the body exercising legal authority over the Chinese Eastern Railway is the Pravlinia [Pravlenie] or Administrative Board organized 1917 to take the place of Petrograd Governing Board, it should be consulted with respect to proposed international control. Board is composed of six Russians, two Chinese, including Kolchack,11 Ostrogoff12 and Governor Kuo.13

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Chinese Minister of Railways stated China willing to accept control international commission but desires administration Chinese Eastern Railway be put in the hands of Chinese experts. I stated that as the proposed arrangement was made on the basis of existing legal rights there would probably be some objection to turning the administration over to the Chinese Government, although employment of Chinese might be favorably thought of.

. . . . . . .

  1. Admiral Alexander V. Kolchak, Dictator of the all-Russian government at Omsk.
  2. Undoubtedly L. A. Ustrugov, Minister of Ways of Communication in the government at Omsk.
  3. Kuo Hsiang-hsi, Civil Governor of Kirin; appointed President of the Chinese Eastern Railway in 1918.