893.51/2203: Telegram

The Ambassador in Japan (Morris) to the Acting Secretary of State

Your February 21, 4 p.m.90 The Minister for Foreign Affairs has handed me the following note:91

“In accordance with the statement in the Foreign Office’s memorandum of the 2d April, which was a reply to the American Ambassador’s memorandum of March 11, 1919, in regard to a new loan consortium in China, the Governments of Great Britain and France were consulted. The Imperial Government in order to settle the embarrassing and complex questions which may arise in the operation of the scheme has decided to approve of the official notes [suggestion] set forth in the Ambassador’s memorandum of letting the banking groups exchange views, subject to the approval of their respective Governments. The Imperial Government therefore will issue the necessary instructions to its interested bankers.”

  1. See footnote 74, p. 424.
  2. The original text of the memorandum is in Japanese; the English text is a translation received by the Department from the American Embassy in Tokyo.