The Secretary of State to the Chiefs of the Guatemalan and Honduran Special Missions ( Toledo Herrarte, Bonilla )

Sir: I regret to say that owing to the very brief period between the submission of the final documents in the Honduran-Guatemalan Boundary negotiations and the date of my departure for Europe it will be impossible for me, before returning, to give this case the attention necessary to justify me in suggesting, pursuant to your request,7 a basis of agreement for the settlement of this controversy. I have, however, examined the case sufficiently to foresee that before reaching a decision further information will be required, in addition to that already submitted, showing more particularly the topographical conditions along the frontier, and also the extent and character of the interests of the respective countries which are likely to be affected by the settlement of this boundary.

In order that no time may be lost, during my absence, and accepting the suggestion made by the representatives of both Governments offering to furnish the mediator with any additional information which he might desire, I venture to propose that the two Governments jointly, or separately, arrange to procure this information under the direction of a representative of this Department, in order that it may be available for use upon my return.

Accept [etc.]

Robert Lansing
  1. For the Guatemalan request submitted July 25, and the Honduran request, Aug. 27, see Mediation of the Honduran-Guatemalan Boundary Question, 1918–1919, vol. i, pp. 159, 227–228; also vol. ii, pp. 574–575.