714.1515/88: Telegram

The Minister in Guatemala (Leavell) to the Secretary of State

Note from Foreign Office in reply to representations of the Legation under instructions of your February 9, 4 p.m.6 and your February 12, 4 p.m. received too late to send by this mail, summarizes thus: Guatemalan Government adheres to everything in previous [Page 98] correspondence concerning desire to settle the boundary dispute amicably, will soon name a special envoy who will leave for Washington at an early date, is desirous of effectively cooperating with the Government of the United States in food to aid in winning the war, and will withdraw troops from zone to be neutralized in accordance with suggestions already presented through the special chargé Thurston (see Thurston’s radio-gram February 1, 3 p.m.6 and his despatch number 457 of February 4, 19186). Guatemalan Government again most respectfully requests information about locality and extent of development in disputed territory proposed by Cuyamel Company as it finds itself unable to consent to an undefined scope of operations, fearing that the constitutional rights and responsibilities of the Government might become involved. Text of note and translation [go forward] by next pouch.

Confidential. It seems to me to be a search for a way out. I am requested [sic] find out that it will be accepted, may I offer the guarantee of the United States Government that no ad interim development by the Cuyamel Company will be allowed to infringe upon the ultimate rights of the Government of Guatemala as they shall be determined by the final delimitation of its boundary.

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