Paris Peace Conf. 185.1/19

The Executive Secretary of the Commission to Negotiate Peace (Patchin) to the Secretary of State

Dear Mr. Secretary: I wish to submit the following observations: Most of the severe attacks which have been made on the Peace Conference, and on the President, have been based on the charge that little progress was being made toward actual peace, demobilization, et cetera.

Now that the President has gone, I think that there should be even fuller publicity of the activities of the Conference than before, for it seems to me very necessary that we should avoid having it appear that his departure means delay, and that things are being held up, and the peace of the world postponed, as the opposition, I am sure, will say, pending his return to Paris.

I would suggest, therefore, that the American Delegation, at least, give out everything possible as to what it is doing, and as to the progress of events generally.

Philip H. Patchin