Paris Peace Conf. 184/103

Lieutenant Colonel C. H. Mason to the Secretary General of the Commission to Negotiate Peace (Grew)

Subject: Making strategic information available for the use of the Commissioners.

The questions now coming before our Commissioners all have strategic permutations that cannot be safely overlooked. Yet oversights of this kind must occur so long as there are no arrangements within the Secretariat for their supervision, as at present. It was for this purpose, presumably, that I was ordered to duty with the Commission. I have not been so used, and it is impracticable for me to function in this regard unless I am informed of the nature of the questions arising and when they are to be considered.
The personnel and organization of the important foreign Commissions indicate that their Commissioners are adequately supported in this respect, thus putting our Commissioners at a disadvantage.
The Planet air routes; the Ussuri objective; the Tangier-Dakar Railway project may be mentioned as examples of the numerous strategic factors requiring supervision and recognition.
It is therefore recommended that I be given the necessary status and entrée to enable me to analyze the strategic permutations of questions about to come before our Commissioners. To determine how this may best be done, I suggest a conference with you.
C. H. Mason

Lt. Col., Gen. Staff Corps