Paris Peace Conf. 182/52

Draft Declaration by the Allied and Associated Powers8

The representatives of the Allied and Associated Powers, in conference assembled, declare

That freedom of conscience, freedom of speech, and freedom of the press are essential principles of democratic states;

That no state should discriminate in the matter of public rights against any of its nationals by reason of race or religious belief, whether nationality is acquired by birth, marriage or naturalization;

That an individual possesses the right of expatriation and having become a legally naturalized subject or citizen of another state and sworn allegiance thereto owes no allegiance to the state of his origin;

That individuals in the exercise of their public or private rights should not be permitted to advocate anarchy which is destructive of all rights, or to organize for the purpose of overthrowing law and order, on which the exercise of public and private rights depends;

That the political domination of a class of society for its own interest and at the expense of other classes without regard to their rights and liberties is contrary to that impartial justice and equality which are fundamental to democracy; and

That to the foregoing declarations the representatives of the Allied and Associated Powers give their unqualified assent and will recommend to their respective Governments the adoption of appropriate legislation to give them legal effect.

  1. This undated draft is in Secretary Lansing’s handwriting.