Paris Peace Conf. 184.21/75

The Secretary General of the Commission to Negotiate Peace ( Grew ) to Admiral W. S. Benson

My Dear Admiral Benson: Your letter of January 14th reached me only this morning, the 19th. That I am heartily in accord with the views expressed in your letter, regarding the use of elevators by enlisted men, may be seen from the fact that on January 15th I wrote to the Executive Officer of the Commission3 stating that I strongly disapproved of the order in question, and asking him to reconsider it. His reply, dated January 17th,4 explained that the intention had been to direct hotel employees to use the freight elevators or stairways, and that the notice, as it was actually published, had been published without his final approval. Furthermore, he explained that at that time, January 17th, it had already been canceled. The officer responsible for the actual publishing of this notice, without its first having been submitted to me for approval or disapproval, has been relieved of his duties.

Regretting that this action should have resulted in inconvenience to your staff, and assuring you of my entire agreement with your views on the matter, I am,

Yours very respectfully,

[File copy not signed]
  1. Letter not printed.
  2. Not printed.