Edward M. House Papers

Colonel E. M. House to President Wilson

Dear Governor: Poincare will open the session this morning by an address of welcome and you as ranking delegate will be expected to reply. You doubtless know this but here are some suggestions that have occurred to me.

I would speak of the privilege it is to be here at Paris in the center of French Civilization under such circumstances and for such purposes. I would say something regarding Paris as an ancient city, and speak of this event as the crowning glory of her history.

I would say that the eyes of the world are upon us watching anxiously. We are trusted, else we would not be here, but the people have been tricked in the past so many times that they cannot feel secure in this instance. They will be impatient at delay after nearly [Page 488] five years of the agony of war, and they are looking eagerly towards the day when the world shall be again released and under conditions which it is hoped will bring about a better and more enduring international society.

I would suggest that the windows be left open so that the people may hear, not indeed all our deliberations, but, at least, before those deliberations have become fixed conclusions and have assumed concrete form.

Affectionately yours,

[File copy not signed]