Paris Peace Conf. 184.001101/9

Minutes of Meeting of the Steering Committee, July 17, 1919, at 2 p.m.

  • Present:
    • Dr. James Brown Scott
    • Col. U. S. Grant
    • Prof. Johnson
    • Mr. J. F. Dulles
    • Mr. L. Harrison
    • Mr. A. W. Dulles (Secretary)
It is recommended that the Secretary, (Mr. A. W. Dulles) be requested to prepare a statement of the progress in the preparation of the Bulgarian Treaty, arranged under the different heads.
It is recommended that the Secretary-General draw up and issue subject to the approval of the Commissioners, an organization diagram for the information and guidance of all the personnel engaged in work in connection with the Commission.
For the information of the Commissioners, it is stated that the British delegation is opposed to countries not at war with Bulgaria being signatory to the treaty. It appears that this may be due to the fact that the American Delegation has opposed the annexation of Bulgarian Thrace to Greece.

The meeting adjourned at 2:40 PM.