103.96/1607: Telegram

The Chargé in Great Britain ( Laughlin ) to the Secretary of State

4185. War Trade Board [from Sheldon]: No. 1970. To Woolley and Gay from Peterson.21 Finally succeeded in seeing Sir Albert Stanley, President of Board of Trade. Had no trouble in arranging with him for reciprocal exchange of information concerning relaxation of import restrictions as nearly as possible. One week’s notice is to be given by each to the other before public announcement is made, meanwhile such information to be kept confidential for governmental use. Only channel of transmission to be through Sheldon and Fontaine of Board of Trade. This becoming effective forthwith Board of Trade now appears most anxious for full cooperation with us in all matters affecting supplies of raw material, and is convinced of the necessity of control through licensing system for an indefinite period. Leave today for Paris.

  1. Fred B. Peterson, director of the Bureau of Imports of the War Trade Board.