763.72112/10867½: Telegram

The Chargé in Great Britain ( Laughlin ) to the Secretary of State

4078. War Trade Board [from Frothingham]: No. 1949. Fuller. Our 1916. Department’s 2944 [Embassy’s 3944], November 22, paragraphs 9 to 12 inclusive. Please advise quickest possible your views on reduction of stat. list and G.B.L.A.18 At today’s A.B.C. meeting, French delegate stated his Government opposed to any reduction or relaxation of either official or confidential lists during next few weeks. Committee agreed:

Most desirable eliminate gray lists, G.B.L.B.19 cloaks, and any subsidiary lists other than official lists and G.B.L.A.
Also that problems of black list relaxation with border neutral countries were different, and might be treated otherwise than those in Spain and Latin America. Relaxation of latter might be more general in view of desirability of larger markets for existing exportable surpluses.

Our private feeling that unless desirable from political viewpoint, no strong reason operative for any black list relaxations with respect to border neutral countries except those mentioned in 1 above. Final discussion next week on receipt final word from respective capitals. Frothingham.

  1. Statutory list and general black list A.
  2. General black list B.